The Annual Odense Flower Festival

As the third largest city in Denmark, Odense is one of the favorite travel destinations in the country. It functions as the commercial hub of Funen and is also commonly used as venue for national conventions. Odense however, is likewise known for its annual flower festival that boasts of exciting creations and presentations using all available kinds of flowers and materials. 

This annual event attracts an estimate of 200,000 visitors every year. The festival of flowers takes place in the city’s downtown. Various flower creations are made based on  a yearly theme which will be seen adorning Odense’s streets during the festival proper. It is every inch a flower paradise that provides inspiration and delight to viewers.

It is an event of particular interest to professional flower arrangers because of the unique creations that are spun out year in and year out. This is in spite of some observations that it is becoming more commercialized through the years. Even with such allegations, it is a fact that this flower festival continues to provide surprises in the creative world of flower arrangement. It has to be noted that this festival was originally intended to showcase extraordinary flower sculptures. It is said that this event produced creations that challenged human imagination especially during its glory days.

The event is set to happen this year on August 14-17. Aside from the flower sculpture exhibition lining the streets, participants to the festival get to enjoy other activities like dances and concerts. Last year’s celebration was especially delightful with the coming of beautiful old ships at the harbour. 


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