LGBTQ Rights in Denmark


It has never been a better time to be lesbian, gay, bi, trans, or queer, and this hold even truer when you live in Denmark. Denmark is proud of the fact that it has the highest degrees of liberty for the LGBTQ community. Let us count the ways:


1)      Denmark is the first country to grant legal recognition to same-sex couples. 1930, Denmark granted legal recognition to gay or lesbian couples in the form of “registered partnerships”. In 2012, this was replaced with a legal recognition of same-sex marriages, and was put into effect on June 15, 2012.

2)       It’s not just true for civil marriages, but for religious marriages, too. The Church of Denmark blesses and accepts same-sex marriages, and these too are considered legal and binding.

3)      Danish same-sex couples have complete freedom in choosing how to have children. Since 1999, the law has allowed that a person from a registered same-sex partnership be allowed to adopt their partner’s biological children as step-children. On June 2006, a law was repealed banning lesbian couples from artificial insemination. On 2010, same-sex couples are now legally have the right to apply jointly for an adoption.

4)      In terms of military service, Danish members of the LGBTQ community are allowed to serve openly and freely, without fear of discrimination, hate, or humiliation. As a matter of fact, Danish gay men who serve in the Danish Armed Forces are viewed with great respect and admiration, and a number of gay men also serve as officer in positions of responsibility in the army.

5)       Denmark is very accepting of LGBTQ nationals who seek asylum. In February 2013, the Danish government granted asylum to a Guatemalan trans woman who was running from persecution in her native country.


photo credit: Sam T (samm4mrox) via photopin cc

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