Live Art Installations


Live art installations are unique dance and concert performances which extends the imagination and creativity far beyond the norms of usual art forms. It re-invents environments and scenarios with the use of daring choreographies, live music and it utilizes water, light and fire installations. Each project requires research on which works best for the specific location whether it is indoors or outdoors.


This interactive form of art began in 2001, when a group of Danish and international artists worked together in Berlin and San Francisco where they were able to explore and experiment on new art forms. From there they decided to collaborate along with other choreographers, dancers, composers, musicians, installation artists, engineers and designers from around the globe.

The live art themes usually revolve around the human body suspended within different “elements of nature and raw urban components”. It takes everyday environments to new heights by reinventing it. Expect amazing performances on submarines, 60 meter tall cranes, walls, buildings, harbor, lakes and aquariums. These production numbers may involve ferryboats, the local fire brigade, fire towers, air ships and sound landscapes to name a few.

In 2009, they produced a ‘Submarine Ballet’ which was a large scale floating event at Copenhagen’s inner city harbor. The show and its choreography were set on submarines, barges and towboats. There were huge fire installations, 70 awesome dancers, sailors and classical musicians in the water.

Live art transforms urban spaces and creates “intense and unique live experiences” that will definitely take your breath away.  Check out for more information.

Image from live art installations 


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