The Lolita Community in Denmark


Frills, petticoats, lace, and sweetness – there is more to Lolita fashion than meets the eye. This fashion with its dark, riotous roots in Japan’s visual kei circles has since grown and blossomed further, creating gardens of frocked, beribboned, and frilly ladies all over the world. Lolita fashion has the power to turn heads, inspire conversation, curiosity, and awe, and the ladies who don it do so like precious armor.

It is an interesting point to note that for a fashion and lifestyle that originates from Japan, Lolita is very, very western in its appeal. It captured the hearts of many Japanese women, and now the rest of the western world also lavishes in its appeal.

Many Lolita communities have also grown not just in the United States, but also in Scandinavia. The Danish Lolita community is always a vibrant, creative bunch, and they make it a point to seek out each other to create stronger bonds over the fashion that is dear to their hearts. They often arrange meet-ups, coming decked in their finest and latest Lolita regalia, and swap stories and lessons over tea, crumpets, and photoshoots. A number of them have also turned their love for this fashion into a healthy enterpreneur venture, crafting Lolita goods and dresses themselves, opening online shops, and vending at Cons.

To seek out these elusive and beautiful creatures, one must only look closer. There are a few Danish lolita communities and forums online, and a multitude of Danish lolitas who are creatives in their own right.  


photo credit: chripell via photopin cc

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