How to Take a Lovely Solo Trip to Denmark

Solo Trip to Denmark
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A land of thousands of seas, picturesque landscapes, and a plethora of immersing beachfront cafes and pubs, but also a land of great history, rich culture, and a steady social and welfare system – Denmark! Those willing to embark on a solo journey around Denmark, ought to be well prepared since this Scandinavian destination has its good sides and its perks. From learning about the Viking past to tasting some of the most delicious sea meals, here is all the vital information you need to gather if you are planning to take a lovely solo trip to Denmark.

A country made to explore by bike

Solo travelers usually need to look into numerous ways of transport when they are traveling to a foreign country, however, in Denmark, you are in for a real treat. No matter which city you have set your mind to visiting, you can rent a bike and roam around the famous sites and city areas basically free of charge. Danes are utterly keen on cycling, hence, there are a lot of fun cycle routes. What's more, exploring Danish cities by bike is one of the cheapest and most relaxing ways to see what this unique nation has installed for its visitors. Blending with the locals by going places by bike is a great way to make your solo trip to Denmark a real treat (plus you'll save a few bucks on transport).

Have a steady budget in mind

It's not easy to break this for solo travelers – but Denmark is expensive. Among all other Nordic countries, Denmark is on the top of the list being one of the third most Scandinavian expensive countries to live in and travel to apart from Norway and Iceland. Being so pricey, you need to prepare for it upfront. Firstly, don't go to hotels but rather book a room at a hostel, or opt for an Airbnb accommodation in the city outskirts. Next, if you are fond of gambling and wish to gamble online while you are traveling solo, this would be a great way to earn some extra money that you can spend on your trips. There are many games that can give you easy and fast money online, you can check out this website for example, and choose your game wisely. Only make sure that you budget things right and don’t get caught up in the excitement. 

little mermaid

See the sea

One of the most alluring ways to explore the country is from the water. Many cities all across Denmark offer amazing boat tours, cruises, and fun canoe rentals that would help you explore the main country's attractions. The country's capital city Copenhagen has plenty of boat tours that are a must for every solo traveler. Depending on the season, you might need to wear extra cloth layers as Danish weather is chilly, especially around water. Copenhagen boat tours sail along Christianshavn and Frederiksholm canals and give you a flabbergasting chance to see plenty of famous attractions such as the Royal Danish Opera, Christiansborg Palace, Amaliehaven, the lovely The Little Mermaid Statue, and other interesting museums and attractions. 

Check out the local scenes

What every solo traveler loves to do is take the unbeaten paths and get the know the country and its roots. The best and most interesting way to do those things is to check out all the locals' favorite outdoor and indoor spots. Late spring and summer might be the best time to explore Denmark as then all the locals exit the comfort of their warm homes and hit the streets. Likewise, in the summertime, there are more fun outdoor cafes and restaurants being opened that are cheaper and way more riveting than indoor ones. Soak up the sun at the lakes in Nørrebro, dance the night away at the Roskilde festival, and in Copenhagen check out the best local sites such as Ørstedsparken, the King's Garden, or Fælledparken.

aarhus colored houses little street

Go on exciting field trips

Settle for Copenhagen as the main city from which you can explore other petite places around the country. If there is something completely awesome about Denmark, it's the fact that this is a small country which means you can easily explore it top-to-bottom in a few days. Even though you can't go around the country by bike, with a mindful train fare you can spend a day at Møns Klint and hike around this breathtaking area. If you are a fan of H.C. Andersen, a visit to the author's museum in Odense is a must, and if you strive to experience world-class art, you have to check out the AroS museum in Aarhus. Also, Denmark embraces campers all across the world and is home to some of the most top-notch camping spots. If money is tight, you can rent a tent and set off on an amazing adventure across the country.

Final Word

Get to know the eclectic night scene, grab a beer on the wooden river docks on Ved Stranden, eat some of the world's most renowned fish, and cycle your way across Denmark. This guide has shown you how to take a lovely solo trip to Denmark, your only task now is to unwind.

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