The Marguerite Route

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Denmark offers a remarkably beautiful route to take to enable one to pass by at least 200 top attractions and hundreds more of lesser attractions of the country. By choosing to drive a car or ride a bike through it, the added bonus of laying eyes on picturesque scenery is given. It covers approximately 3,600 km of Denmark to offer what could possibly be the best self-drive holiday option any traveler can have.

The Marguerite Route was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II during the 1980s naming it after the Marguerite Daisy, her favorite flower. It is owned by the Outdoor Council which operates for the purpose of promoting outdoor recreation and insight into nature. The Council collaborates with tourist agencies and other related organizations to ensure that the route is properly maintained and upgraded.

It includes remote areas of Denmark as well as its most traveled places. It is very easy to know if you are traveling within the route because of the very visible brown quare signs with bold white daisies. Most parts can be accessed by all kinds of traffic but their are areas that cannot be reached by larger vehicles such as buses and camper vans.

Traveling through the route is worth every inch traveled and every second spent on it. It is able to reveal a side of Denmark which will never be the same when taken a different way. If you are a traveler visiting Denmark, you can rent a car and enjoy a relaxing travel on the road through the Marguerite Route.


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