Mikkeller Bar: Copenhagen’s Best Bar

If you’re looking for the best place to grab a drink in Copenhagen, then the Mikkeller Bar, located in the heart of Vesterbro, is where you should go. The Mikkeller Bar is not your ordinary bar though, with its light, airy and sophisticated surroundings being the perfect backdrop for enjoying the specialized beer flowing from its 20 taps. At the Mikkeller Bar, beer is not to be grabbed and guzzled down, but to be appreciated and discussed just as you would fine wines.

The Mikkeller Bar, located in Viktoriagade No. 8 B-C, 1655 Copenhagen, does not serve your ordinary pint of Carslberg, but only the finest beers from select breweries around the world, and of course their own special brews by the Mikkeller Brewery, such as Stouts with Vietnamese Kopi Luwak coffee, chipotle chili, and lychee fruits. They also serve selected sodas, gourmet cheeses, and a snack selection that can be perfectly paired with their beer. Of course, with such extraordinary beer, you might want to them which one goes with which instead of being adventurous and ordering stuff on your own. 

The Mikkeller as has a bigger bar located in Stefansgade No. 35, Copenhagen. Called Mikkeller & Friends, this bar is not a mere copycat of the popular bar in Viktoriagade though it does offer the same sophisticated atmosphere and special brews. In fact, the Mikkeller & Friends has a bigger selection with 40 different beers, including the legendary Three Floyd’s draught beer, making it the only place outside the US serving the world-famous beer.

Mikkeller also recently opened a bar in San Francisco, USA, making it clear that there is huge demand for specialty brews in this world. Of course, if you want the original experience, then its Copenhagen bars IS the place to visit.

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