Frilandmuseet: Revisiting the Old Denmark’s Farming Days

A whirlwind visit to Coppenhagen won’t leave you wanting when it comes to seeing the usual beautiful castles, churches, museums, and of course tasting great food and even sneaking in some shopping for souvenirs. The one thing you probably won’t see is the country – at least not if you don’t take time to visit the Frilandmuseet.

The Frilandmuseet is the place to go if you want a taste of the countryside without having to leave Coppenhagen. Granted that it is a little ways off, this national museum is still easily accessible whether you take the bus or the train with buses stopping right at its entrance (Bus route 184 and 194).

Frilandmuseet is a place like no other being an open air museum showcasing old buildings that have been from all over Denmark with the oldest house, taken from Ostenfeld, Schleswig, dating back to the 1580s and the newest being a 1930s building that has running water and electricity. The museum, which aims to transport you back in time, also features a collection of water and windmills, beautiful gardens and landscapes, freely raoming (though not for petting!) farm animals, and a reconstructed town with workshops and a train station.

Frilandmuseet also holds various activities throughout the year to better show the old way of life, such community singing, harvesting activities, theater productions, and an autumn market. Activities, however, vary depending on the time of the year, so you’d better check out their schedule before stopping by to ensure that you come at an interesting time. Of course, pony and carriage rides are available year-round as long as the weather permits it.

But perhaps one of the best things about this unique museum is that entrance is FREE!

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