The Museum Named After 3 Louise’s

Lousiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark is named after 3 Louise’s in the life of its original owner, Alexander Brun. More specifically, these three women were his wives who just happened to have the same name. He chose to give the name to his property which was then a villa. It was only in 1958 when the new owner Knud Jensen converted it into a museum.

The museum was originally comprised of three buildings connected by glass corridors. Several more extensions later, it became what it is now, an interesting circular shape structure. It holds the distinction of being the most visited museum in Denmark. Its main attraction is its extensive permanent collection of modern and contemporary art, some of which dates back to the Second World War. The museum continues to add to its collection up to the present. Special exhibitions are mounted from regularly for added attraction.

Its permanent collection consist of modern art paintings, sculpture, and videos. Works of known artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso, among others grace its walls. Videos are shown in such a way that will make viewers feel part of the scenes. A special collection of Pre-Columbian art occupies a designated place in the museum. It was the personal collection of Danish dancer Niels-Wessel Bagge which was donated by Bagge’s foundation.

There are several other attractions in this museum including the concert hall and a landscaped sculpture garden. The museum itself can be considered a showcase of modern Danish architecture. Visitors who bring their children would be happy to note that there is a kid’s area where children can enjoy in a creative way.


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