Koncerthuset: A Visual and Auditory Adventure

Koncerthuset, also known in English as the Copenhagen Concert Hall is both a visual and auditory adventure that anyone would enjoy experiencing. It is situated in DR Bayen in the northern part of Ørestad which serves as the headquarters of the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation. Koncerthuset is the home of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

Jean Nouvel, the architect of this exceptional urban building wanted to create a vision of the future. He envisioned it to be one that will stand out from its surroundings. Stand out it did like a meteor covered with blue screens, almost resembling water. The interior is no less impressive as it provides a landscape that is like no other. It is like stepping into a different world where shops, restaurants, and streets connect performance halls.

There are four performance halls in the complex with the largest seating a capacity of 1,800 people. The acoustics are said to be so amazing that it was no surprise that it was included in the Ten Greatest Concert Halls of the New Millennium. One of the main features of this concert hall is a pipe organ with 91 voices, especially built by Dutch organ builders. The services of Japanese acoustic specialist Yasuhisa Toyota was engaged to ensure that the acoustics were tailored to each hall.

It holds the record of being the most expensive concert hall ever built, reaching almost 300 Million Dollars. The cost of maintaining the venue is quite high because of the complexity of the building. It cannot be denied however that Koncerthuset is a visual and auditory adventure worth the cost.

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