The Night Owl’s Guide to Copenhagen

The Night Owl’s Guide to Copenhagen
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When it comes to holiday destinations, Copenhagen really does offer the best of both worlds. By day, this captivating city with its meandering waterways and striking architecture is a dream to explore. Then, when the sun goes down, Copenhagen becomes electrified by its vibrant nightlife scene.

In recent years, the nightlife scene in Copenhagen has emerged to become one of the most diverse in Denmark. From kitsch party nights to neon discos, swanky lounge bars, to a mega-casino, Copenhagen after dark is the place to be.

Hitting the Town

Copenhagen's nightlife really does cater to a range of tastes; you’ll find something for everyone here to enjoy. While it’s unlikely that tourists will travel to the city specifically for its nightlife scene, visitors who do come to enjoy major attractions like Christiansburg Palace and Tivoli Gardens will be pleasantly surprised at just what's on offer here when the sun sets.


Before hitting the town, it’s a good idea to decide exactly what it is you want to do during your big night — or nights — out. Are you looking to just enjoy the cultural scene, make some new connections and discover secret hotspots that only locals know about? Are you in the mood to dance your socks off all night? Maybe you’re in the mood to indulge yourself in the swankiest venues around. Or, perhaps a trip to Copenhagen’s largest casino is in order?

Knowing what you want to get out of the night will help you figure out the best parts of the city to head to, as well as help you prepare all those important things like what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to travel there and back.

If you are going to hit the casino, for instance, make sure to observe the rules of the venue. Following the proper etiquette like dressing the part and respecting the dealer will make your evening all the more enjoyable. Additionally, if ID is an entry requirement for nightclubs, you’ll need to find a way to safely keep it with you throughout the night – the last thing you need is to lose your passport on a crowded dance floor.

As for which parts of Copenhagen you should head to to find the best nightspots, you can’t go wrong with starting in Nørrebro or Vesterbro. Two of the coolest neighbourhoods in the city, you really can’t beat the vibe that grows here when the sun does go down. Plus, with plenty of friendly places to hang out in, these two districts are ideal for visiting if you’re looking to make some friends among the locals.

Ideas for Nightspots you Shouldn’t Miss

To give you some ideas to add to your nighttime itinerary, here are four diverse nightspots across Copenhagen that you should definitely check out if you’re hoping for a night to remember.


As if the 19th-century circular building Wallmans is situated in wasn’t enough to stir your interest, how about a four-hour entertainment extravaganza. Fitting, given that the building was originally designed for circus performers, the four-course dinner at Wallmans is served up with singers, dancers and plate-spinning acrobats.


Step back in time to the Prohibition era at Curfew. This retro speakeasy is all faded glamour with its vintage bar stools, plush velvet sofas and swing jazz. With an extensive cocktail menu, Curfew attracts the coolest clientele who appreciate the finer things in life. Sidle up to eh bar to check out the skillful bartenders in action as they craft concoction after concoction with careful precision.

Casino Copenhagen

Holding the honour of being the largest international casino in the region, Copenhagen’s only casino is one for the diehard gamers. Equipped with no less than 24 table games, including poker, digital roulette terminals and over 150 slot machines, this striking venue is also a regular tournament venue for elite poker events.


Club Mafia, the mostly-female dance music collective, are seeking to make the nightclubbing experience more comfortable for all with Prance. Enforcing a love and good vibes only policy, Prance is defined by a manifesto that states, “the dance floor is for dancing…we respect a ‘no’…we look out for each other…we don’t push when it is crowded”.

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