Givskud Zoo

One of the two safari parks in Denmark is the Givskud Zoo, a widely popular attraction in the Jutland region. Founded in 1969 by Jacon Hansen, it was originally known as Loveparken (“The Lion Park”) as it only featured free-roaming lions in its large safari-like enclosures. It was the first of its kind in the country and it did not take long until it gained massive interest and attention. Over time the zoo started to accommodate other animals and it became more than a lion park.

Today Givskud Zoo is home to over 700 animals belonging to more than 70 different species with about a third classified as endangered. It still maintains the largest pride of lions in Denmark and added exotic animals like alpakas, antelopes, gian otters, elephants, gazelles and gorillas. Some rare and interesting species in its stead include the Arabian oryx, Hawaiian geese and Przewalski’s horse. Although in a rather remote location in Vejle, Givskud Zoo has become one of the most visited parks in Denmark with visitors reaching an average count of 300,000 a year.

Those who are visiting the zoo can take their car inside and follow the marked safari routes. Alternatively, the zoo also offers a guided tour via the Safari Bus or visitors can also opt to do their exploration on foot. Aside from being able to see most of the animals up close, there are also designated feeding times for the different animals. Nearby is a hostel for visitors who plan to stay overnight or longer.

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