Noma Restaurant: 4-Time Winner as Best Restaurant in the World

Did you know that a Danish restaurant has been named the Best Restaurant in the World four times over by Restaurant Magazine? This 2 Michelin star restaurant is known as Noma and is run by René Redzepi. It occupies an old warehouse in Copenhagen, Denmark within the Greenlandic Trading Square.

What is special about this restaurant is the fact that it has been reinventing Nordic cuisine from the time it opened its doors in 2003. This was during the time that the North Atlantic House emerged from being the old warehouse to become the center of arts and culture in the region. The fourth recognition for being the Best Restaurant in the World came this year 2014 after being recognized earlier for the same category in the years 2010, 2011, and 2012.

The choice for this award is done by a worldwide panel of journalists, restaurateurs, chefs, and genuine lovers of food. Noma’s winning streak for the same award was interrupted in 2013 when the first place position was given to a Spanish restaurant El Celler de Can Roca. It reclaimed its position this year.

Redzepi has been credited for placing Denmark in the gastronomic map of the world not only for reinventing Nordic food but also because of the influence he exerts on many chefs worldwide. The chefs headed by Redzepi do all the processes required by themselves including curing, smoking, and pickling. This personal touch is probably one of the main reasons for Noma’s long-standing and continued success.

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