Noma Restaurant is World’s 3rd Best

Food lovers visiting Denmark should never miss going to Copenhagen. You will only miss a big part of the country if you skip the Danish capital. I’m talking about great food which Copenhagen boasts of.

I shared with you earlier that several restaurants in Copenhagen have earned the prestigious Michelin stars for serving scrumptious and authentic Nordic cuisine. Now, it’s time to know that one of the city’s restaurants has recently been recognized as the world’s third best restaurant.

The name to remember is Noma, the same restaurant that earned the Michelin stars just last month. This particular restaurant got the nod of food critics and was named as the top 3 among the 50 best restaurants in the world.

The recognition was given by the prestigious British Restaurant Magazine during a gala dinner in London. The world’s 50 best restaurants are rated each year by some 806 food critics, chefs and food lovers around the globe.

Noma’s latest achievement was a big improvement. From its 10th place in 2008, the Copenhagen restaurant jumped seven spots to make to the third place this 2009.

But that’s not the end of the story because Restaurant Noma also received the Chef’s Choice Award. Thanks to the great ratings of leading chefs worldwide, Noma was voted as the world’s number one restaurant.

Restaurant Noma with 2 Michelin stars under its name was opened in 2003 by restaurateur Claus Meyer and chef Rene Redzepi. Specifically located in the Christianshavn district, the restaurant is actually at the far end of a dock in a huge warehouse. The place used to house whale blubber and sea salt.

Some of the authentic Nordic cuisine you’ll get to taste in the restaurant include Greenland’s musk ox and berries, Iceland’s codfish and seaweed. It is also here where you can taste sauce made from beer and ale instead of the usual wines.

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