O’Neill Crowning Surf: Are You Ready for Denmar’s Cold Waters?

Sports of all types from the regular to the extreme, whether it is done on land, air or on water are welcome in Denmark. This Nordic country has, in fact, produced so many local athletes some of whom have gained international fame but at the same time, it continues to attract athletes from all over the world.

This year, the biggest sporting event on water is set to take place this spring, specifically on April 5-10, in Klitmoller, in the northern part of Denmark. Called O’Neill The Crowning III, this five-day event is going to gather more than 150 of the world’s best surfers capable of doing their stuff in the coldest waters for several hours. The international competition to take place in what they call “cold Hawaii” which is Klitmoller will test the skills of wave, wind and kitesurfers in very unique ways including the Battle of the Best unlike those in the Belgian Championships.

The Crowning competition is in honor of Jack O’Neill, the inventor of the wetsuit that allowed surfers to swim even in freezing waters. It was back in the 1950s that he made use of the flexible material called neoprene to come up with a wetsuit that keeps the body warm even when submerged in very cold water. That was after he got cold while testing the waters of San Francisco in his trunks in 1949.

Some 28 top riders from the Belgian Championships will take part in this 2010 surf event. Courtesy of Facebook, an additional 20 surfers also won an all-inclusive trip in the competition.

Denmark was chosen as the scene of this surfing event because of its long coastline and thousands of lakes. For the surfing enthusiasts, Klitmoller, in particular, is well known for its washing machine which refer to waves that break without interruption.  In addition, Denmark is perhaps the only tourist destination in Europe where visitors can stay in a cheap rental house close to the beach without having to spend so much. 

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