Preparing Your Own Smørrebrød

Have you ever wanted to enjoy your own hearty and healthy Danish lunch without the need to get outside and eat on crowded restaurants? If this is your thing for the day, then creating your own smørrebrød should be fun, especially when eating it with friends and loved ones. There are certain rules you need to be familiar with, in making your own buttered bread selection.

  • 1.     The slice of dark rye bread should have butter so that it will not get soggy
  • 2.     Spread the butter evenly on the bread so that it will hold everything together
  • 3.     The best smørrebrød should have the bread hidden making the pålæg look bigger than the bread should be
  • 4.     Consider the balance of leafy vegetables, meats, dressings, and garnishing to make the smørrebrød look, feel, and taste complete

With the basics of smørrebrød already mentioned, one of the things that should be remembered is that these kinds of breads are literally open faced, meaning it is never intended to have another piece of bread at the top. In addition, people should open their imagination while making this bread because there are unlimited combinations that can be made with anything available from mayonnaise to leftover cold cuts or chicken. The presentation is just one part of the preparation, but what would make it unique from others is the creation of custom sauces and creams, with the addition of garnishing and meat combinations. Just remember that the rye bread should be able to carry the pålæg. Otherwise, it may just make the eating experience a disaster.

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