Queen Margrethe II, Exceptional Queen of Denmark: Part I


Queen Margrethe II is one of Denmark’s most beloved figures and icons. Married to Prince Henrik, loving mother to her two sons Frederik and Joachim, and doting grandmother to her young grandkids, Queen Margrethe II remains to be one of the most vibrant figures of state today.


Here are just some of the many reasons why her loyal subjects and fans the world over have fallen in love with her.


  1. She is a queen for the people. Queen Margrethe communicates to her Danish subjects on a sincere, emotional level. Whenever she reaches out to the people on the royal residence’s balcony on special occasions, Her Highness wears her heart on her sleeve and has been known to connect with her subjects through their heartstrings. On their wedding anniversary in 1990, the royal couple were serenaded awake not just by their children and grandchildren, but also by the hundreds of people singing to them outside their bedroom window. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik opened their windows wide and waved to them. This was perhaps one of the most arresting and touching moments for the Danish, as their queen was happy to see them and receive their love, with her hair down and in no makeup.

  2. She is open, warm, and sincere. Queen Margrethe is very expressive in her love for her children, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren. You can see this in the way she smiles – nay, beams at them, the way she reaches to wrap them in a warm hug, and the way she kisses their cheeks.

  3. She has a strong love for her dachshunds. Queen Margrethe has a love for all creatures great and small, but her dachshunds Evita, Helike, and Vega all share a very warm and soft spot in the Queen Regent’s heart. They are often seen accompanying the Queen on many occasions, either strolling with her family, or even at gala dinners. Her grandchildren also playfully romped with these furry friends as toddlers. Sadly, Evita recently passed away at the ripe old age of fourteen.

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