Queen Margrethe II, Exceptional Queen of Denmark: Part II


In our last post, we focused on Queen Margrethe II’s appeal and relationship with her loved ones and her Danish subjects. In this post, we’ll focus on her quirky, effervescent, and colorful personality.


  1. She has a deep love for the arts, as she is an illustrator herself. While she was still Crown Princess, she created a series of bold and striking illustrations for the epic tale Lord of the Rings, and submitted them to J.R.R. Tolkien under the pseudonym Ingahild Grathmer. Tolkien was struck by her illustrations, and marvelled at how similar her pieces were to some of his own illustrations. Queen Margrethe II later on became an official Tolkien artist when she ascended the throne. Hee illustrations were published in the 1977 Danish edition of Lord of the Rings, and again in the re-issue in 2002. She also illustrated her husband Prince Henrik’s book Cantabile, a collection of poems he penned himself.

  2. She also designs costumes and garments. Her Highness is known to design her own clothing, becoming quite notable with her eye-catching choice of color and quirky designs. She has also designed costumes for a number of productions. Ballet dancers pirouetted and arabesqued in her creations for the Royal Danish Ballet’s production of A Folk Tale, and again for Der Vilde Svaner (The Wild Swans), a film by Peter Flinth.

  3. She is not afraid to wear her expressiveness in public. Queen Margrethe II is a very down-to-earth person, and she is not afraid to enjoy a delicious snack with gusto, nor cheer for her beloved Danish teams at the Olympics with the family. Paparazzi or none, the Queen enjoys the moment and can run the gamut of facial expressions. That’s what you call savoring the moment!

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