Randers Regnskov

One of the most popular attractions in Randers, the sixth largest city in Denmark is its rainforest – the Randers Regnskov. Opened in 1996 in West Jutland, this unique indoor tropical zoo offers a full day of educational entertainment for the whole family, the serious environmentalists and also the plant and animal lovers. Covering over 3600 square meters and with over 250 different species of animals and 450 different kinds of plants and trees, it is the largest man-made rainforest in Northern Europe
The zoo is actually made up of three separate, controlled-climate domes that feature three different rain forest continents – the first dome represents the tropical rainforest in Africa, the second biome is Asia, and the third addition is for South America. Visitors get to enjoy the amazing experience of walking around in a rainforest environment (complete with the humid, tropical climate) where the animals are free to range. In the African dome visitors can see different kinds of African wildlife such as the Colobus monkeys and free flying birds. Meanwhile the Asian dome houses over 30 Flying Foxes, Asian Small-clawed Otters and a large aquarium where there is a range of fish and turtles found in Asia. The relatively new South American biome is the largest of the three and is home to unique rainforest wildlife such as the West Indian Manatee, the Collared Peccary, Black Piranhas, free-ranging monkeys and free-flying macaws. There is also an amazing waterfall in the middle of the dome.
Aside from the three rainforests there is also the Asian Snake Temple and a Petting zoo.

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