Seed Production Industry of Denmark

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Not many may be aware that Denmark is one of the leading producers of grass, clover, and horticultural seeds. At least 40% of EU's total production of such seeds comes from Denmark. Also, 90% of the country's production is exported to more than 100 countries. That is how big a player Denmark is in the global market when it comes to seed production.

The industry has had a long history. Through the years, Danish seed growers have gained knowledge and expertise that made it possible for the country to be one of the strongest participants in the industry. More than 5,000 seed growers are presently active, ensuring Denmark's continued strength in seed production.

The seeds produced by Denmark are intended for three main purposes including animal feed use, professional lawn needs such as for golf courses and sports facilities, and for private home lawns. The Danish climate is especially favorable to seed production. Danish seed growers were able to produce new and better varieties resulting to lawns that have more tolerance to sun , drought, and shade as well as higher resistance to diseases. Livestock feed grass produced from Danish seeds are also known to have excellent quality.

The Danish Seed Council comprised of three member associations represent the interest of Danish grass, clover, and horticultural seed producers in the country. The average yearly production of grasses covers approximately 80,000 hectares while overall average yield per hectare is about 1,100 kgs. Denmark's seed industry presents at least €275 million in export revenue.

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