Winemaking in Denmark

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When climate is considered, Denmark is not really an obvious choice for winegrowing. In spite of initial challenges though, the country's wine industry is slowly but surely making a mark. The small vineyards found in Jutland, Lolland, and Funen among other areas, have proven that there is indeed a future for Danish wine.

Like most successful ventures, winemaking in Denmark started out tentatively. Winegrowing possibilities proved a surprise even to Danes themselves. Today, the more than 50 commercial winegrowers of the country are bonded together in an association called Danske Vingårde or the Danish Vineyards. It is certainly a tribute to their persistence and determination that new grape varieties suited to Danish climate have been produced.

Most Danish winegrowers cultivate the red grape Rondo as well as other red varieties. There are ongoing experimentations on the best white grape varieties to grow in the country. It is interesting to note that the special character of Danish wines is derived from using entirely different grape varieties from that which many industry observers would come to expect from the wine-producing countries in Europe. 

It can be said that wine production in Denmark is still in the continuous process of discovery and development. Beyond the borders of the country are Danes who were able to carve their names in the winemaking industry. Danish winegrowers are willing to admit that wine may remain a niche product at best like most specialty food. This is not a discouraging observation though as Danish vineyards are fast becoming tourist interests as well, offering activities like vineyard tours, wine tasting, and cooking classes, to mention a few. 

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