Shopping in Copenhagen

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Are you tempted to make shopping in Copenhagen ? You’re lucky because you’ll never leave the city disappointed. There are clusters of your favourite shops and brands dotted all over this quaint city in Europe. Whether you are looking for something particular or just want to look around to see what you can buy, Copenhagen’s shopping district is definitely for you.

So if you are not sure where in Copenhagen you can go shopping, here are the top districts that you should never fail to visit:

  • First on the list is the Bredgade. It runs past the royal palace of Amalienborg and that is not the only reason why this shopping is something you’d describe as grand. It houses the most amazing antique shops and high-end furniture dealers. Whether you are looking at getting something by Arne Jacobsen or Finn Juhl, this is the best place to find it.
  • And for those who love fashion, you’ve got to visit Kongens Nytorv. It houses cutting edge design shops in Copenhagen and your favourite fashion brands too. The Bang and Olufsen’s flagship store has found its spot in this mall too. A new metro line has been built in the area too so travelling to this fashion district would be easier than it used to be.
  • However, if you are looking at a quieter alternative to the busy business district of Copenhagen, then you should definitely go to Læderstræde. This quaint yet charming place houses Copenhagen’s best jewellers. Clothing and interior design boutiques are here too. If you need to take a break, they’ve got cozy little coffee shops where you can relax after all the shopping.

You can take the Copenhagen city card for access to a lot of attractions and transports and save money for your vocation !

Whether you came to Copenhagen for business or for leisure travel, you should never skip a trip to any of these destinations. You just can’t!

Buy Copenhagen Online – Shop Copenhagen

shopping in copenhagen
Courtesy: Insights Unspoken/Flickr

The Danish capital has countless places where you can pick up a souvenir to take home – for yourself, family, or friends – but not everyone can make it to Denmark to enjoy the shopping. Luckily, there are plenty of online options to help you experience some of the best Danish crafts and stereotypical knick-knacks without the time and money spent on a flight. Pretend you’ve been and have all of the fun with none of the hassle!

shopping in copenhagen
Courtesy: David Hall/Flickr

General Souvenirs

If you don’t know what Copenhagen’s known for, a good place to start is with your typical souvenir shops. When you think of somewhere that you’d spend a bit of money on holiday, you’d probably think of a gift shop full of figurines and t-shirts. Well, Copenhagen Souvenir has that and more! With a quick change into English, their website becomes an easily-navigable source of everything from beer mugs to thimbles. The adult t-shirts are rather stylish, and the children’s ones are just so cute!

Courtesy: Mararie/Flickr

Another staple of gift shops is the museum shop, which in the case of Copenhagen, is also conveniently available online. Various museums from around the city have their goods for sale on the same website, which delivers worldwide. While there’s no quick option to change the language, clicking on anything you’re interested in will soon give you the description in English – and there are some lovely pieces. Most come with quite a price tag, but you can also get an amusing t-shirt that says “Real Viking” in runes!

Courtesy: Guillaume Baviere/Flickr

Specialty Souvenirs

To recreate the experience of popping in and out of shops and boutiques, you’ll need to know a few of the best places so you can visit their websites. Unless you have a specific interest, such as the local football team or beer (Mikkeller and Carlsberg are two big local names), it can be hard to know where to start, so here are some quintessential souvenirs that show off the best of Copenhagen.

shopping in copenhagen
Courtesy: Esben Theis Jensen/Flickr

Lego is a clear answer to souvenir conundrums, as it’s popular with a wide range of people – and it’s available just about everywhere (but for laid-back, at-home shopping, their website is always a click away). You may not get to see the flagship Copenhagen store in person, but when a simple Google search can show you the Lego dragon, who needs to?

shopping in copenhagen
Courtesy: jenn/Flickr

You’ve seen them hundreds of times, perhaps without realising it, but the geometric patterns of Scandinavian knitwear are prolific for a reason. A woolen jumper is perfect hygge-wear, and you can get your very own from Isager – or even some loose wool to make your own. Then, grab a hot chocolate, and set up a log fire for the ultimate hygge/comfort experience, all without stepping foot out of your door.

shopping in copenhagen
Courtesy: Didriks/Flickr

Another distinctive pattern or two has come from Royal Copenhagen, who are renowned for their china. Some may argue that it’s best to view their work in person, but the website comes with many advantages: for one, there’s no need to worry about breaking the delicate pieces on the way home if they’re delivered straight to your house!

Courtesy: Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

For something arty to hang on your wall that also won’t break the bank, you can get some amazing posters by local artists. One of the most famous poster artists is Ib Antoni, who created many iconic and charming works during his lifetime, from the Royal Danish Guard to his Tivoli Gardens poster for their 125th anniversary. His artwork, also in the form of tea towels, coasters, and cards, can be bought here. The website is fully in English, and ships worldwide, making purchases extremely easy.

shopping in copenhagen
Courtesy: Sharon Hahn Darlin/Flickr

More Advantages of Online Souvenir Shopping

Online shopping can also help you to streamline your holiday experience – or get more out of a business visit. The website for Copenhagen Airport’s gift shop allows you to browse and buy ahead of time – all you have to do is pick up your exciting haul of goodies when you get there. It’s perfect if you think you’ll be short for time, or if you’re indecisive!

Courtesy: brando/Flickr

So you don’t need to go to Copenhagen to get a taste for the city; and if your suitcase gets too full, now you know where to shop online so you don’t miss out. You can shop to your heart’s content!

Time to Go Bargain Shopping in Copenhagen

Flea market in Copenhagen

In times like this when economies around the world are in an uncertain state, it’s fitting to tighten one’s belt. Buying the expensive brands should be less prioritized. Yes, there may be some brand new stuff that are so tempting to buy but then again think twice about spending if the cost is way too high. Why not go then for the second hand?

Yes in Denmark, it’s possible to buy valuable things at cheaper prices. And where can you go to find these? The answer is the flea markets in Copenhagen.

Every year, a Flea Market weekend takes place in Denmark’s capital specifically at the Bella Center. This is considered Scandinavia’s biggest flea market. Here, bargain hunters will find a variety of items including designer clothes, used books, furniture and ceramics among many others. You might even find one of a kind antiques here if you’re patient enough.

Copenhagen’s flea market is now celebrating its 35th year. The oldest is the one situated on Israel Plads near the Norreport S-Train Station.

But did you know that there are several flea markets you can go to in the Danish capital? There are lots more so make sure you check them out.

Flea market at Copenhagen Forum – This is in Frederiksberg. For those looking for high quality goods, this is the place to be.

Norrebro flea market – This is the longest at 333 meters but the narrowest in Denmark.

Flea market in Lunden – This is a traditional one situated north of Copenhagen at the Charlottenlund Trotting Track.

Flea market at the Frederiksberg City Hall – This is one of the busiest in the capital. For the fashionistas, this is the place to search for popular Danish and international fashion brands of clothes.

Gammel Strand antique market – Antique lovers should not miss this. All things old and valuable can be found here in a beautiful setting.

Stroget is Europe’s Longest Shopping Strip

Tourists in Copenhagen are in for a great shopping spree when they’re in this capital of Denmark. It is because this city center is home to Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping area. The street name to remember is Stroget which actually means the stroke.


The Stroget area is made up of six streets and is bounded by four large squares – the City Hall Square, the central town square, the King’s new square and another square. Here on this long stretch, one can find many famous and high end shops including the Illums Bolighus, Magasin du Nord, the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory as well as numerous souvenir shops, cafes  and fast food restaurants. As Stroget is a pedestrian strip, the best way to check out the great shops there is by foot. Is a very good place for the shopping in Copenhagen !

For those who love to unwind at cafes, the Café Europa 1989 on the Amagertorv stretch of Stroget is highly recommended. Here one can experience the classic café ambience of Copenhagen that is a mix of the bistros of Paris, the coffee houses of Rome and the tapas bars of Spain.

This famous pedestrian shopping strip in Copenhagen was established 47 years ago in November 1962. The city’s cars then were on the rise during that time and officials thought of closing the street to traffic. Initially, the area was closed only for two days during the Christmas season but the closure was later on extended until it became permanent. At first, local merchants got anxious because of the idea thinking it won’t be good for business but fortunately, the closure became more of a benefit as more businesses sprouted in the area attracting an increasing number of shoppers.

Today, the Stroget stretch which is very accessible to other popular tourist spots in the Danish capital accommodates some 250,000 people notably during the summer season and approximately 120,000 during winter. Other than shopping, there are lots of entertainment being offered in the area.

Enjoy your shopping in Copenhagen trip !


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