Visiting Copenhagen with Kids

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Copenhagen is one of the most child-friendly cities that you could hope to visit. It’s not just accommodating – there are specific activities created for children of all ages and interests.

Both entertaining and educational experiences are on offer, so your children won’t just be occupied, they’ll have a fun and memorable trip.  Read on for all kinds of places that will help you to be able to relax and enjoy a low-stress holiday!

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Tour the city

There’s nothing like a bus tour for easily seeing the sights. If a bus seems too boring, how about a tour on the canal, or a ride in a horse carriage? For active children, there are also walking tours by local guides.

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Visit Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park

The most famous amusement park in Copenhagen is Tivoli – and for good reason – but north of the city is Bakken (short for Dyrehavsbakken), the oldest in the world. A visit to Bakken can be combined with a visit to the deer park, where it’s located. It’s only open in the summer, but entrance is free, so you only have to pay for the rides and games. Either amusement park is sure to be a hit with children of all ages.

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Watch the Changing of the Guards

It’s not just something that tourists to London get to see – Danish royalty has their own, too. Every day at 12pm the Royal Guard undergoes its impressive daily change of shifts at Amalienborg Palace, to musical accompaniment when a royal is in residence. This memorable event takes around 30 minutes in total, and for the best view it’s recommended that you arrive at around 11:45, so it may not be the most suitable for impatient/easily distracted children.

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Feel like Royalty

The nearby Rosenborg Castle provides more chances to experience royal life and history, from the King’s Garden to the Danish Crown Jewels – and there are 4 sets of them! In bad weather there are more beautiful sights inside, including a Venetian glass collection.

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Go Animal Spotting

Apart from the Deer Park mentioned above, Copenhagen has a zoo and an aquarium where children can learn about all kinds of wildlife. The ever-popular zoo conveniently borders the Frederiksberg Gardens, for making a real day out of it, and inside is a children’s area for learning about and interacting with some of the animals, as well as an Arctic area and a rainforest habitat. The aquarium is also very educational; children can easily spend 2 to 3 hours marvelling at all the creatures.

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Explore and Learn Copenhagen

Some of the most child-friendly museums can be found in the Danish capital, and visiting them is particularly attractive when the price of entry for children is often free. Adults can also enter free of charge with a Copenhagen card (as with other Copenhagen attractions such as the zoo, above), which also provides transport around the city for you and up to 2 children under the age of 12.

The marvels of the Experimentarium have been covered elsewhere on this site, so it suffices to say here that it’s a fantastic, interactive option. Another is the Children’s Museum, where learning about the past is done through play, such as dressing up in historical outfits, boarding a Viking ship, and working at a grocery store. It’s perfect for children up to 12 years old.

At the Open Air Museum, Frilandsmuseet, children will really feel like they’ve stepped back in time. Over 50 houses and farms, built as they would have been in the 17th and 18th centuries, create living history of not only Denmark, but the Faeroe Islands, southern Sweden, and northern Germany, too – and all this travelling will only take you an afternoon!

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Enjoy the Outdoors of Copenhagen

In good weather, it would be a shame not to visit at least one of Copenhagen’s many wonderful parks – and the fresh air will hopefully tire out any overactive youngsters! Many feature play equipment, and the King’s Garden, or Kongens Have, has a free puppet show. The previously-mentioned Frederiksberg Gardens are popular for picnics, feeding ducks and heading out onto the water in a rowboat. Fælledparken in Østerbro has a sensory garden, and a skate park for older children.

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History, culture and a bit of fun can be had by children of all ages, at very reasonable prices, across the Danish capital. Adults can also enjoy these tourist attractions, making sure it will be a great trip for everyone!


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