Summer is Cruise Ship Vacation Time in Copenhagen

Summer is a time when kids are off from school and therefore, presents a good opportunity to spend a relaxing holiday with the whole family. Denmark is one of the top summer destinations in Europe and its capital of Copenhagen is the most frequently visited.

People heading to Copenhagen can travel in various ways. They can go to this wonderful city by land, sea or air. A cruise tour, however, is one of the most popular travel modes in Copenhagen these days. The city expects more cruise ships this year so this only means a busy Langelinie port terminal to accommodate passengers starting or ending their cruise ship vacation here.

For this year 2011, latest reports say some 368 cruise ships will visit Denmark’s capital. This translates to a total of 770,000 passengers. For a five year period from 2005 to 2010, an 80 percent increase in the number of passengers in Copenhagen had also been noted. This figure is expected to move up by 5 to 10 percent more until 2015.

Summer is the peak season for cruises as the Danes go on their much awaited holiday. Large cruise liners from all over the world dock either at the Langelinie Pier where the famous Little Mermaid statue is situated or at the Freeport Terminal at Nordhavn. These two ports have been the ports of call of cruise ships since 1894. The Langelinie Port, however, has been the main pickup point for passengers of cruise liners since it was established in 1894. 

The cruise ship business in Copenhagen continues to show signs of growth. Each year, this sector generates more than one billion DKK to the city alone. More than 300 cruise vessels visit the Danish capital every year and is the port of call for more than 600,000 passengers en route to their vacation to the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

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