How Badminton Conquered Denmark

Denmark may be more known in sports such as football and tennis. But other than these two, this Scandinavian country is also well known in badminton. In fact unaware to many of you, it is the only country in Europe that has ever won an Olympic Gold Medal in badminton.

 Denmark has a huge influence in this sport not only in Europe but even in the other parts of the world. This country has been setting the standard for developing education and training methods for young badminton players. It has also been providing more world class players than any other country.

In the early days until 1925, badminton in Denmark was only played in the garden. But thanks to  Skovshoved, this sport eventually moved indoors and started to gain popularity from spectators. It was in October 1928 when custom officers Major J.C.M. McCullum and his Strollers arrived in Skovshoved, Denmark to teach the pioneering players and club members how to play badminton the right way.

Since that time, more badminton clubs were organized in Denmark. These include Kobenhavns Badminton Klub, Gentofte Badminton Klub and Helsinge Badminton Klub. Currently, more than 550 clubs exist in the country and all are members of the Badminton Association of Denmark. The association was established in 1930 to set the guidelines for the game and for its development in the future. It has also been instrumental in organizing some of the successful European and world tournaments.

Through the years, Denmark has won numerous international badminton tournaments.

Each year, Denmark Open is also being conducted for top badminton players. It is considered one of the best Super Series in the world and known for being well organized.

Badminton has been an Olympic sport since 1992. It has five events – the men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles. 

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