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In northwestern Jutland you can find the natural paradise that is Thy, situated right between the Limfjord and the waters of the North Sea and Skagerrak. A settlement since the Stone Ages, Thy is blessed with an amazingly varied landscape and topography – flat coastal plains in the north, wide beaches and high sand dunes to the west and hilly fertile farmlands to the east. It is no wonder then that it was designated as the home of the first national park in Denmark in 2008. The 24-hectare National Park Thy located along the coast of Agger Tange and has designated trails for hiking, cycling and campsites by the beach. Visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the stretches of sand heaths, coastlines and the waters.

The charming district has a population of about 50,000 and while mostly rural with agricultural livelihood as its main industry, tourism is also alive and well in Thy. There are a number of interesting attractions aside from the national park. All around the district can be found prehistoric monuments that have been preserved through the ages: the Tvorup Kirkeruin in Thisted is a church ruin from the Romanesque Age; the burial mounds near Ydby Skjold has the largest collection of Bronze Age barrows in the country.

Then there are the museums: the Vorupor Museum is situated in a boatyard and presents a history of life in the town; the Thisted Museum displays a collection of prehistoric artifacts from around Thy. As well there are notable churches and monasteries that represent medieval architectural styles and hold religious artifacts such as the Bedsted Kirke, the Hjardemal Kirke and Heltborg Kirke.

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