Transport System in Denmark

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Denmark has one of the most modern and developed transport systems in the world. It covers just about every form of transportation means, ensuring convenient traveling into, within, and out of of the country. It boasts of about 1,111 km of motorway network and about 2,667 km of operational track in its railway system.

There are four main airports in Denmark namely Copenhagen Airport located at Kastrup, Billund Airport situated at Central Jutland, Aalborg Airport found at 5 km northwest of Aalborg, and Aarhus Airport which is located 39 km northeast of Aarhus.  There are at least five smaller airports in the country, ensuring great ease in traveling by air. Denmark ports on the other hand, are able to handle about 48 million human passengers and about 109 million tons of cargo every year.

Denmark's railway system is conveniently connected to Sweden by bridge and ferry, by land to Germany, and likewise to Norway by ferry. Its long stretch of paved roads provide ease in driving and commuting. Motorways are generally toll-free with the exception of the Great Belt Bridge and the Øresund Bridge. 

Cycling is a major means of transporting one's self in Denmark. The bicycling infrastructure of the country is exceptional, providing for an extensive network of bicycle paths, routes, and ways. The Danish government introduced the VIN-system in 1942 to facilitate the unique coding of all bicycles in the country.It is illegal to sell bicycle frames without an embedded VIN in Denmark. Insurance companies will also refuse to pay indemnities for bicycles without VINs in the event they are stolen.



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