Vinayagar Temple

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Vinayagar is a Hindu Temple located in Herninig, Denmark that offers a variety of services for those of the Hindu faith.  Pooja is offered on a daily basis and on special days and days with Pooja in the morning Abishekam is also offered. 

The temple also celebrates a number of Hindu festivals, including Kodiyeattram, Veaddaith thiruvizhaa, Sapparath thiruvizhaa, Chariot Festival, Theerthath thiruvizhaa, Poongaavanam, and Vairavarmadai.  This makes the temple an ideal location for those wishing to practice the Hindu faith and come together with the Hindu community to honor the Gods and Goddeses and celebrate together. 

The Vinayagar website also has a wealth of information on the Gods and Goddesses, the Mantra and Hymns, Meditation and Yoga, the Sages, and the Temples and Holy Places, as well as Hindu stories to enlighten the soul.  Vinayagar Temple is a safe haven awaiting those of the Hindu faith in Denmark.

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