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Pub Culture in Denmark

Danish pubs provide plenty of entertainment, from competing against friends at Meyer (a dice game), billiards or darts to singing along to vintage jukebox music. Danes of all ages frequently celebrate before graduation, during studentertid […]

Danish Monarchy explained

Things to Know About the Danish Monarchy

There are nine royal palaces in all for Danish royalty across the world. However, they frequently reside at Copenhagen’s Amalienborg Castle. They are surprisingly down to earth, particularly in light of how well-liked members of […]

raising kids denmark

Is Denmark A Country For Raising My Kids?

Being a parent can be very challenging. You only want your child to have the best that the world has to offer. And yet apart from that, the struggle is how to teach your child to survive the world and all the complexities that come with it. At the end of the day, every parent only wishes to raise kids that are not only content but are truly happy. […]


The Danish Politics

Denmark is known for being the country where happy people live. In the recent research studies, Danes have been found to be the happiest people on earth and for very good reasons too. And yet when you look beyond the sights, the shopping strip and perhaps even the local culture, you will find out how the Danish Politics itself makes the Danes very happy. […]

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Danes are Content People

Have you ever wondered why the Danes are considered as the happiest people on earth? And then you move on to wondering why you don’t seem to be happy with what you have right now. You have a the career that you want, a happy family to be with in your nice little home, you’ve got insurance and a bit of savings, what else could you be missing? […]