What attractions can students from Denmark see in the UK?

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For all of you who do not know, UK and Denmark have a long and rich history of intertwined relations that spans hundreds of years. If you watched those Vikings series, you know what we are talking about. Today, Denmark tourists are certainly more peaceful than Ragnar Lothbroke, and instead of pillaging the UK countryside, they prefer sightseeing.

Many students choose to continue their education at some prestigious universities like the London School of Economics or perhaps Oxford. When he gets tired of studying or lectures, each student would like to visit all those exciting attractions that the UK is so famous for.

The Buckingham Palace 

After visiting all of those London’s nightclubs, touring through England’s royal family home will certainly feel very refreshing. It is one of the most interesting places in the UK, visited by millions, famous for its Queen’s guards and luxurious interior. Maybe college students from Denmark could compare its beauty with Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen thus deciding who has the more extravagant royal family.

This Palace allows special tours through its lavish interior and anyone who walked through its halls will testify about its flamboyant decorations, furniture, and chandeliers. It is a real treat for each student to visit this site and relive those glory days of the British Empire.


Just a little south of London, one can enjoy visiting these remnants of an old prehistoric civilization that still baffles scholars or scientists worldwide. If you can get someone to write your dissertation about any UK attraction, make sure to include Stonehenge on that list of your top UK sites. Many scholars wrote books or a thesis about what Stonehenge represents, with some even mentioning alien visitors who helped indigenous people build it.

Whatever the truth might be, it will remind Denmark students of monuments like Troldkirken long barrow, thus spiritually connecting two nations together. Maybe you won’t need any write-my-dissertation services after reliving all that past by yourself, so try soaking up that spirit and that beauty of the past while you are taking a break from your education.


Wembley Stadium

Culture or history is appealing for some folks, but football plus drinking a lot of England’s finest beer might interest some other students. Everybody has their preferences, and there is nothing more relaxing than a good football game after writing all those assignments, essays, or long dissertations. Visiting Wembley will take your mind off your university lectures or long classes, so you can enjoy some of the world’s finest football games. It is much bigger than Parken Stadium in Copenhagen as it can accommodate two times more people. T

his will make it a worthwhile visit, especially if you are lucky to attend a derby between city rivals, and no teacher in the UK will criticize you if being late on Monday morning, after a pst game hangover.

London Zoo

Perhaps each student will have to wait until this pandemic is over so he can visit those lions or rhinos at the London Zoo, but be sure to do so once the opportunity arises. It accommodates much more animals than the Copenhagen Zoo, so touring while seeing some new and interesting species will certainly be exciting to Denmark’s students.

The main Denmark attraction that can match this Zoo is probably Givskud zootopia, which is a more safari-like attraction, with a little bit of dinosaur flick to it. There are no dinosaurs in London Zoo, but more than 15000 beautiful animals will make it worth your while.

Scottish Highlands

For those who are not afraid of exploring or going on a hiking adventure, traveling a little bit north the visiting Scottish countryside is a must. Enjoy beautiful nature, mountains, or lakes along the way, and do not forget to visit Loch Ness or Urquhart Castle ruins. This region is very popular among Denmark tourists as nature or countryside is very similar to the one on Denmark’s soil. There is a lot of lakes, mountains plus old haunted castles for those who enjoy history lessons. After visiting all other interesting places in the UK, this will seem like a vacation or a road trip of sorts. 

Final Word

Enjoy your college time, study hard but also play hard. That is a for success that each student should follow if he wishes to survive college plus have some fun along the way. One’s education should be more than just writing essays or dissertations, it should be about embracing a different culture and customs. It is about meeting new, fascinating people plus experiencing something new and interesting or visiting unusual places. Keep that in mind once you go studying in the UK, so do not forget to visit all those beautiful places and attractions while chasing your education goals.  

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