Where to Dine in Aarhus

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Denmark’s major cities have their own unique come-ons for people visiting from other parts of the globe. They offer not only great historical landmarks but lots activities to do, wonderful entertainment spots, shops and most all, restaurants.

Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city is an exciting place to explore if you’re heading towards the Scandinavian region. This metropolis is located on the eastern part of the Jutland peninsula on the mouth of a small river called Arhus.

In the city center as well as in nearby areas, different types of restaurants are in place. Each offers its own unique menu for locals and foreign tourists. We share some of them here to serve as your guide just in case you visit the city of Aarhus.

Kroen i Krogen – This popular restaurant specializes in authentic Danish dishes that are just right for your budget. Here you will get to experience the traditional Danish way of preparing food as they did some 50 years back into the olden times.

Det Gronne Hjorne – The name of the place is Danish for The Green Corner. Although not attractive from the outside, this dining place is known as one of the best in Aarhus in terms of Eastern European cuisine. Here you will savor scrumptious lamb and chicken dishes as well as cheeses, salads and potatoes all at very reasonable rates.

Jacob’s barBQ – The name may be associated with grilled food but this place is more than that. It’s a mix of being a pita bar, piano bar, a night spot and an outdoor café during the summer season. Pita is highly recommended for lunch while guests should reserve the barbecue for dinner. This restaurant’s barbecue is considered the best in the whole of Denmark so make sure you get to taste it when you’re in Aarhus.

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