Wienerbrød or Kopenhagener? A Danish Pasty Guide

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Danish Pastry

A visit to Denmark in order to be very memorable should not miss out on sweet food. Denmark has a wide variety of sweet delicacies to offer, the most famous of which is the Danish pastry or Dansk Wienerbrod in Danish.

History has it that this traditional pastry was actually created by Viennese coffee houses in 1850 when they hired to replace the Danish bakers who went on strike at that time. The Austrians naturally brought their own recipes including those for pastries the reason why these popular bread products came to be known as wienerbrod which literally means Vienna bread. If you’re in Vienna, however, this same pastry similar to the strudel is known as the Kopenhagener Gebäck.

Danish pastry or sometimes simply called Danish is sweet bread filled or topped with cream, jam, nuts, cheese or fruit preserves. The bread is made from pastry dough mixed with butter, sugar, flour, salt, eggs and yeast and is folded into layers or made into different shapes such as circles, spirals, and the kringles. The famous croissant is actually a relative of this pastry. For additional flavoring, cinnamon, cardamom and other spices may also be mixed with the Danish pastry.

Traditionally, the most popular fillings for Danish pastry are custard and fruit preserves. However, chocolate has also become a top choice for many bakers and food lovers.

These sweet Danish pastries are great for breakfast to go with your hot tea or coffee. But it’s not only in the morning that you can enjoy this sweet treat because it has also become a popular afternoon snack not just in Denmark but as well as in other parts of the world.

We’re sharing some of the famous Danish pastry variations that you can choose from today. Pick your choice according to what suits your taste buds.

Apricot Strip – This contains a bit of marzipan and apricot. One side has chocolate icing while the other side has vanilla icing on it.

Cheese Strip
– This Danish pastry has cream cheese filling mixed with a bit of marzipan.

Almond Marzipan Kringle – The filling for this pastry is a mix of butter, vanilla and marzipan.

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