The Wonder of the Blue Planet – Denmark’s Aquarium Pride

The Blue Planet is Denmark’s national aquarium located at Kastrup in Copenhagen. It replaced the old aquarium in Charlottenlund when it opened its doors in 2013. This decision came about for the purpose of offering a better facility to disseminate marine information and providing help in science projects. It also seeks to help educational institutions in Denmark teach science to their students.

Most of what was contained in the old aquarium was transferred to Blue Planet. Before the old one closed, it already had about 1 million liters of water distributed in 7 tanks. Blue Planet has 7 million liters of water distributed in 5 main sections containing a total of 53 exhibits. The five main section are The Amazon, The African Great Lakes, Evolution and Adaption, Cold Water, and The Warm Ocean.

It has a very distinctive appearance of looking like a whirlpool when seen from above. Most people will be given that view since it is very near the Copenhagen Airport. By using double glazing and seawater from Øresund, the Blue Planet facility is able to reduce energy consumption since they aid in cooling. The aquarium likewise offers a spectacular view of Øresund.

Getting to Blue Planet is very easy since it can be reached by Metro within minutes from King’s New Square, the home of the Royal Theater. Being inside Blue Planet provides a feeling of being among the various water life creatures displayed in the exhibits. Visitors will get to see arowanas, stingrays, anacondas, crocodiles, birds, and sharks, among many others. The 2014 winter exhibit features sea otters.


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