Kastellet as a Star Fortress in Northern Europe

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There is one structure that is considered one of the best examples of how old fortresses should be preserved, Kastellet, also known as The Citadel, is not only a star fortress in Denmark but also in the whole of Northern Europe. It was constructed in the form of a pentagram with bastions. Now mainly serving as a public park, this historic site features a number of buildings including a church and a windmill.

It was King Christian IV who initiated its construction. It served mainly as a defense structure of Copenhagen against England during the 1807 Battle of Copenhagen. Today, it still forms part of an active military area since it still belongs to the Danish Defence Ministry. The military presence however does not take away the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

The notable structures found in the site include The Commander's House, The Rows, Southern and Northern Storehouse, Powder House, Church, Prison, Windmill, and the Central Guard House. The church built in heavy baroque style is easily the most popular. The prison complex is found at the back of the church. The windmill found in Kastellet is believed to be the only remaining mill that is working among 16 mills constructed on the bastions of Copenhagen.

A national monument honoring the many brave Danish soldiers who lost their lives in various international peace keeping missions has been erected at the center of Kastellet. Walking around the ramparts of the Kastellet has become a traditional thing to do for locals before the Day of Prayer or Store Bededag. Tourists can do the walk as well when they visit the place.  



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