Aalborg Beerwalk: 6 Special Beers from 6 Great Pubs

Aalborg is an industrial city found in the north of Jutland, Denmark. It may not be easily associated with festive activities like its annual Aalborg Carnival, but festive it is not only to its locals but also to foreign visitors. One unique attraction of the city is its so-called Aalborg Beerwalk where visitors get to taste 6 special beers from 6 great pubs in the area for a price of 100 DKK.

It is an activity that is available whole year round. An ideal way to start a fun afternoon or evening whether with family or friends, the Aalborg Beerwalk provides a sampling of the city’s finest beers. Visitors get to do that by presenting their vouchers which they can choose to use in a single pub or all six pubs of their choice. Of course, it would be highly recommended to try all for the experience itself. 

The six pubs included in the Aalborg Beerwalk are the Irish House, John Bull Pub, Old Games Pub, London Pub, The Wharf, and Søgaards Bryghus. The Irish House offers a wide range of Irish beers as well as Danish and international beers but a classic pint of Guinness comes highly recommended. John Bull Pub is an English pub that offers Danish and foreign beer. Old Games Pub caters to more mature customers as they offer fine beers and whiskeys. 

The London Pub boasts of 12 different draught beers, including 2 that are independent brews. The Wharf is the city’s only independent pub where customers get to enjoy talking to each other while tasting different beer brews. Søgaards Bryghus is considered a combined microbrewery and restaurant in one. These 6 pubs are located within walking distances of each other.

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