How Can Foreigners Get Married in Denmark?

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Couples who are looking into holding their wedding in a foreign country may include Denmark in their list of considered countries. This is not only because of the different environment it offers but also of its relatively relaxed requirements as compared to other countries. This is not to say however that anyone who chooses to do so can get married in Denmark since there are still necessary requirements to be provided.

Marrying couples must have entered the country lawfully and actually be present for the ceremony. They must also be willing to be married subject to Danish Law and this includes foreigners intending to marry Danish locals. Same sex marriage has been recognized in the country since June 2012. Although the law has made it mandatory for churches to conduct such marriage ceremonies, individual priests can refuse to officiate. In this case, the local bishop will have to find an alternative.

Foreign couples marrying in Denmark are usually required to have stayed in the country for at least 3 days to two weeks prior to the wedding date. The marriage appointment is booked in the respective Kommune where the wedding is to take place. Setting of the date however will require completion of documents first.

Couples can have their marriage certificate apostilled. This simply means having the marriage certificate validated by the Danish Foreign Ministry. This validation gives the marriage an extra level of international acceptability. It must be noted that people who have applied for asylum in Denmark will not be allowed to be married in the country.


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