Aarhus Denmark Preferred By Brits

AarhusDenmark’s capital of Copenhagen may be an attractive place to visit for many people. With lots of wonderful tourist attractions in place, who wouldn’t want to miss this popular city. But did you know that people from Great Britain prefer the country’s second largest city Aarhus?

British visitors like the greenery, culture and the beaches of Aarhus. Currently, this city also known as the capital of Jutland peninsula, has a population of more than 300,000. Here you will find great historical sites with amazing views such as the City Hall which was built way back during the Second World War.

Other sites you need to explore include the Moesgard Prehistoric Museum and the Marselisborg Slot which is the summer residence of the Danish royal family. The Queen’s Garden in this place is open to the public when the royal family members are not around. Don’t miss the Botanical Garden as well about half a mile from the heart of the city where you can find some 5,000 foreign plants. The Garden is situated on higher ground overlooking a lovely lake.

For nature lovers, the sandy beaches of Aarhus Denmark are strongly recommended. The Moesgard Strand boasts of white sand and crystal clear waters which will surely make any visitor glued to the place.

Accommodation is not a problem when in Aarhus Denmark. There are many low cost hotels and hostels for the budget traveler.

To satisfy your food cravings, you have a lot to choose when in Denmark’s second biggest city. There are fine dining restaurants around the city notably along Aboulevarden and cafes in narrow streets or those at the waterfront area that offer delectable and exotic food. Or you can try the sausage stalls on the city-centre pavements. If you’re looking for the traditional Danish ambience, Aarhus’ oldest café called Pinds is the place to be. Built in 1849, the Pinds Café still washes its dishes with draught beer.

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