Denmark and the Many Reasons to Love It

Apart from being one of the happiest countries in the world, there are other reasons why people love visiting this country every year. This not only attracts visitors in Denmark but also sets a high standard among other countries who wish to provide the best to their citizens. Let us share with you some of these reasons.

For Art and History Lovers

Its royalty ruled over different parts of Europe acquiring Viking treasures and more. Most of these historical finds are now placed in the National Museum at the heart of Copenhagen. The city of Roskilde is also a place to visit the remains of royalty inside the cathedral. Another must see for art lovers is the Carlsberg Glyptotek having a glorious collection of antiquities. Neoclassical art is seen in the Thorvaldsen Museum assembled by rich artists during the 1800s.

Festivals, Music, and Food

Copenhagen and Roskilde are some of the cities where you will find outdoor rock festivities especially in July. You can also dine and enjoy the music in several bars at the inner city. The Danes, apart from loving music, also sees the European Cup. They are also experts in European Handball that made them outshine other countries at the Olympics. Denmark does not disappoint the world of gastronomy with their rich food culture and Nordic Cuisine, which makes them an absolute attraction worldwide.

Harmony and Style in the City

Its capital, Copenhagen, is famous for the smooth transportation system of cars, buses, and bicycles. Along the pedestrian lanes are outdoor cafes and boutiques. Roaming around does not entail any breach in security since it has a low crime rate. Aside from the metal restaurants and blonde wood building designs, they also pose a unique artistic deal with Georg Jensen jewelry store having lavish architecture of beauty in Denmark. 

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