Arhus Street Art Gaining Attention

Art is a form of expression and as such, it should not be confined only four corners of a building. And so today, we see different forms of art works being displayed outdoors whether they’re sculptures, performers and paintings.

In Arhus, a city in Denmark, street art is getting popular thanks to the creativity of young artists there. And their art is not just of standard size because they’re as huge as the buildings. Today, visitors to the city will be greeted by colorful paintings and graffiti spread all over town.

The term street art refers to any form of art developed in public areas literally on the streets. It can include the graffiti art work, stencil graffiti, sticker art, street poster art, street installations and wheatpasting among others. Similar to the real artists, people engaged in street art also want to express themselves although they use a different medium such as plain walls and walls of buildings. A major difference of street art from the traditional art is its goal of communicating a socially relevant message to everyday people. 

Street art in Arhus began in the 1990s. It was during that time that house paintings were commonplace. The tradition has been carried on up to this day with paintings and posters now evident around the city. Huge paintings and smaller graffiti can be found on buildings they actually make the atmosphere more warm and vibrant to visitors and local residents. 

Danish art has evolved through the years. Although inspired by international movements, art in this Scandinavian country has its own unique style whether it’s the traditional or contemporary form of art.

Denmark itself is rich in history, culture and the arts. The numerous art museums in place are a big proof of this. But again, Danish fine art is not confined only within a building because it is also out in the open air. You will find sculptures and even paintings around cities and towns serving as popular tourist attractions. 

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