Attractions along the Limfjord

The 180-kilometer stretch of narrow sea from the North Sea to the Kattegat traverses several islands and seaside towns that are among Denmark’s outstanding holiday destinations. Aside from the numerous cultural and culinary delights that can be sampled in these places, the areas are all quite easily accessible via the ferries that ply along the channel as well as land bridges connecting some of the towns. Here are some of the many opportunities for entertainment along the Limfjord:
Visit the museums.

Your first stop to discovering more about the local history and culture are the museums in the towns in the Fjord Region and there are plenty of them. The Fur Museum in the island of Fur houses a collection of fossils and geological finds from the area. The Struer Museum in the town of Struer displays a collection of model ships along with some sculptures and art work by local artists. In Mors Island visitors can find the Moler Museum which is another geological museum and in Logstor is the Limfjord Museum which focuses on the local culture, sailing, shipping and fishing.

Take a guided tour or cycle your way around. Limfjord has an excellent cycling network stretching for about 600 kilometers and goes all around the region. This is a great way to visit the small towns and take in the natural beauty of the area. There are also interesting tours along the way such as the Brewery or Schnapps Route which passes through the old manors, inns and monasteries which have preserved the tradition of making these libations.

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