Danish Dance Theatre Presents Copenhagen Summer Dance 2013

If you’re looking for a good excuse to travel to Copenhagen in the near future, perhaps the Copenhagen Summer Dance 2013 will give you one.

An annual production by the one of northern Europe’s leading dance companies, the Danish Dance Theatre, the Copenhagen Summer Dance has become one of the most popular summer events in Denmark. Just don’t expect to soak in some good old Danish culture because this is an open-air contemporary dance event.

This year the Summer Dance will be featuring big names in the dance world like Swedish choreographer Örjan Andersson, award-winning winning Israeli choreographer Idan Sharabi, Polish choreographer Jacek Przybylowicz, and of course the Danish Dance Theatre dancers.

The Copenhagen Summer Dance 2013 will run from August 5 to 11, with both matinee and evening performances to be held at the Copenhagen Police Headquarters. Now, where else in the world will you ever hear of a major dance event being held in the police headquarters? But that’s Denmark’s eccentricity at it’s best!

Tickets for the event are available online starting at £ 10.00 each. If you buy your tickets online, you have the option of having it sent to your email and printing it out or having it shipped to your doorstep. Additional fees may apply for shipping.

Of course, those who can’t squeeze in a visit to Denmark at such short notice can still catch the Danish Dance Theatre’s other performances throughout the year (and even next year) with tickets for their other shows already available for show dates as late as May 2014. This would obviously be the better option for most if you wish to be able to plan your Denmark trip itinerary more thoroughly.

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