Best Souvenirs to Take Home from Denmark

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Travelers will always want to have something to take home as souvenirs from the places they visit. The desire to bring home something to remember trips by is actually universal. Souvenirs however are usually distinctly representative of the place visited in such a way that seeing them will instantaneously bring us back to the place where they came from. In Denmark, there are such souvenirs to be bought to serve as constant reminders of one's visit to the country.

One of the most popular is a piece of Royal Danish porcelain. The country's foremost porcelain manufacturer Royal Copenhagen Porcelain produces exquisite pieces of dinnerware, decor, and collectibles that would most certainly be valuable additions to our treasured pieces at home. Its most recognizable product line is its blue fluted series. 

Another souvenir item that is easily associated with Denmark is any Little Mermaid memorabilia. Almost everybody is familiar with this iconic character from Hans Christian Andersen's story. Small statues and figurines of the Little Mermaid never fail to connect to Denmark.

Denmark's famous butter cookies is also one of the most popular take-home items for visitors and travelers. Since cookies are consumable and can disappear in a matter of minutes even before reaching home, those that come in canisters with distinct Danish designs are better bets as souvenirs. This way, there is always something that is left from your trip to Denmark. Danish furniture is also something some would seriously consider taking home because of its superb quality although shipping costs may be an issue.

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