The Mink Skins of Denmark

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Denmark has had a flourishing mink industry and this is largely evidenced by the fact that it provides at least 40% of the world's supply of pelts. Mink pelt is actually the country's third largest export for products originating from animals. The Saga Royal mink is one of Denmark's pride when it comes to quality and rank.

Mink is actually a farm animal first seen in Denmark farms during the 1920s. By the 1980s, Denmark was showing its capabilities as a reliable supplier of quality mink pelts. In fact, the Ministry of Commerce in Denmark has identified fur trade as one of the 29 special competence clusters in Danish economic life. It helps tremendously that climactic conditions in  the country is especially suitable for animals with fur.

Kopenhagen Fur is a cooperative for farmers in the mink industry. It is the entity that exclusively auctions mink furs made in Denmark. It works very closely with the Danish Animal Welfare Society to ensure that environmental conditions in mink farms meet global standards. Aside from having some of the largest mink farms, several smaller mink farms are family-run. In total, there are about 2,000 mink farms that are  fully operational and actively contributing to mink pelt production.

The mink skins of Denmark have found their way to many foreign markets, China being the biggest. Every year, at least five auctions are conducted by Kopenhagen Fur. Mink skin is a consistent money earner for the country with an annual export value estimated at $680 million dollars.

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