Boxing Day

boxing day
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Juledag or Boxing day is on December 26.  The stores are not usually open.  Grocery stores are open but the major stores do not open until the 27th when many of the sales start.

This day is a holiday traditionally celebrated the weekday or Saturday following Christmas day.  In the old days, servants and tradesmen would receive gifts known as the Christmas Box from their masters, employers, or customers.

Nowadays, Boxing day is the bank holiday or public holiday that generally takes place on 26th or 27th December.

boxing day

The term “Christmas box” is said to be a present or gratuity given at Christmas.  It is usually given to those who are supposed to have a vague claim upon the donor for services rendered as one of the employees.

Boxing day is a secular holiday that is traditionally celebrated on 26th December, the day after Christmas, or the following day should the 26th be a Sunday.  If Boxing day falls on a Saturday, the following Monday is given as a substitute bank holiday.  On the occasion when Christmas day is on a Saturday, the following Monday is Boxing day and Tuesday the substitute bank holiday for Christmas day.

The European tradition, which had long included giving money and other gifts to those who were needy and in service positions dates back  to the Middle Ages.  No one knows the exact origin.  People believe that it may be in reference to the Alms Box placed in areas of worship to collect donations for the underprivileged.

Many historians think the holiday’s name is derived from the church practice of opening alms boxes the day after Christmas and distributing money to the poor.

Its a big day for shopping, its on of the busiest shopping days of the year. But with the black Friday and Cyber Monday the boxing day sales is growing down.

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