Getting to Know The Happiest Country in the World

Beating Bhutan to this prestigious term that anthropologists use, Denmark has recently emerged as the happiest country in the world. It is for this reason alone that you would be encouraged to come and visit the country. You know you’ll be greeted with smiles.

Whether you are traveling for leisure or for business in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, you’d be glad to know the many reasons why you should come to visit the place:

  • More than 80% of the total population of Denmark are able to speak English. There’s that sigh of relief. You don’t have to worry about having any form of communication problem  or language barrier for that matter. You can go through daily plans without worrying about not getting help from someone who speaks English.
  • If you are up for an exciting summer vacation, then a visit to the free state of Christiana might do you good. This so called state of social experiment has become the home to a lot of artists and free-spirited individuals who survive by choosing to do what they want. From historical buildings to organic beer, you will enjoy the many vagabonds of the world.
  • Danish people are used to pairing their dishes with their favorite wine, a popular tradition in Italy and Rome too. Did I mention the succulent taste of the Danish cheese? To get a taste of these amazing treats, you better get your travel plans to Denmark fixed right away.
  • The designs of hotel rooms in Denmark are truly exceptional. It is not about the lights or the rich culture they put into it. The Danish design is all about creating beautiful yet functional pieces. Whether you are a designer looking for inspiration or a tourist up for an adventure, you will love the Danish designs and everything that comes with it.

When you’re thinking of where to go, all you need is to tell yourself to go to Denmark and be happy. There’s just a lot you can look forward to in this trip. 

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