Brede Works

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From 1832 to 1956, Brede Klaedefabrik was Denmark’s largest producer of textile materials. It was at the center of the Industrial Revolution in Denmark and the plant was not only an economic hub in the Lyngby area and the Mollaen, it was also a thriving community of workers and their families. Aside from the laborers’ homes were the country home of the plant owners, a park and a day nursery for the children.

Today it is now an educational museum where visitors can get a glimpse into and even relive the glory days of industrialization in Denmark and how the people go about their daily lives back then. The interesting feature of the museum tour is that visitors are given individual “Active Tickets” which enables them to follow a particular worker throughout a working day in the factory.

Thus, the visitor can take on the role of a manager, a weaver girl or a factory worker in the assembly line and experience how it is to be part of the community. There are several exhibitions through the museum. At the Industrial Beginnings, visitors can learn more about the history of the industrial culture in Denmark; at The Machinery, they can experience how it is to be part of an assembly line and make their own ball bearings; there is also The Factory which describes the factory job for females during that period, which is all about weaving and dyeing; and then there is Dressed in Time which chronicles the developments in fashion from the 1700s to current times.

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