Business as Usual All Over Denmark with the Super Storm Gone

Danes can now go out and resume their usual activities after the hurricane-force storm that has been hailed as one of the most powerful storms in recent memory has been declared as officially over. In fact, the storm broke records in Denmark as it registered peak wind strengths of up to 54 metres per second (or 194km/h) in Kegnes in southern Jutland.

The storm, which has lead to the interruption of public transport with both train and ferry operations stopped, also resulted to one fatality in Gilleleje. However, with the storm now out of the country, things are starting to go back to normal though repairs are still being done, such as the clearing of train tracks. The traffic between Denmark and Sweden is also no longer held up with the Øresund Bridge already reopened and fully serviceable. This should be good news to the Swedes who are known to like going over to Copenhagen for short trips. Of course, Sweden, just like other northern Europe countries affected by the storm (Germany, Britain, Netherlands and France) is also busy setting things to right.

Tourists and business travellers aiming to fly into Denmark will be happy to know that Copenhagen Airport is back in normal operations, albeit with a few cancellations. To check if your flight has been cancelled, it would be best to contact your travel agent or your airline. Of course, those flying out and have been held up by the storm can also breathe a sign of relief.

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