Copenhagen as European Green Capital of 2014

Denmark’s dedication to finding innovative and sustainable solutions for the many environmental challenges facing the world today is no secret. With Copenhagen’s recent awarding as the European Green Capital of 2014, the city joins other premium European cities adjudged as among those having the best environmental records. Previous winners include Stockholm, Sweden; Hamburg,Germany; Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain; and Nantes, France. As early as now, Bristol, United Kingdom has been declared the European Green Capital of 2015.

The choice of Copenhagen as this year’s winner has come about for many reasons. The city intends to continue doing what has been acknowledged as sound environmental practices and in fact intends to bring their efforts to the next level. The main goal is to become the first carbon-neutral capital by the year 2025. This goal comes with the intention to prove the country’s belief that quality of life can be attained even when carbon emission is reduced and environmental challenges are being addressed head-on.

Looking at Copenhagen now, it might be difficult to imagine that it used to be a Viking fishing village during the 10th century. Aside from being the capital of Denmark, it is also one of the most progressive trading centers in the world. What is especially remarkable about Denmark is its conscious effort to make and carry our long-term plans that would really make a difference as led by the government and participated in by the people.

Copenhagen has assigned specific themes throughout the year to highlight its designation as the European Green Capital of 2014. All the activities will be geared towards achieving goals set for energy consumption, energy production, water consumption, green mobility, and city administration. Educating citizens in line with these goals will be a major task to be undertaken.

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