Denmark Gears Up to Host the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

For the third time, Denmark will host the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest for this year 2014. Two semi-final events have been scheduled for May 6 and 8, respectively. The finals is set to happen on May 10. Choice for the hosting country follows the tradition of winning countries acting as host for the next year’s event. Emmelie de Forrest who sang “Only Teardrops” brought home the top award for Denmark in 2013.

This year’s event will take place in B&W Hallerne, in Copenhagen Denmark. With the participation of at least 37 countries, this event is expected to draw in a big crowd and at least 170 million viewers. The City of Copenhagen is going all out in its preparations and is expected to contribute at least 40 Million Danish Kroner to convert what used to be a shipyard into an envisioned Eurovision Island. 

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual song competition among member countries of the European Broadcasting Union or EBU. It is acknowledged as the non-sporting event that is most-watched all over the world. It is likewise considered one of the longest-running television programs in the worlh, having started in 1956. 

This contest has catapulted many big-named stars of today to the international scene. Some of whom include ABBA who represented Sweden in 1954, Julio Iglesias who represented Spain in 1970, and Celine Dion who represented Switzerland in 1988. The objective of this contest is to bring together the member-countries through entertainment. In spite of some previous problems that led to decisions of some countries not to participate, the return of non-participating countries is always hoped for. 


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