Dagmar Hotel is Denmark’s Oldest

Denmark boasts of great places of accommodation. Visitors seeking both high end and budget friendly hotels have a wide choice when in this Nordic country. They can also choose between the old and new modern hotels.

If you’re one wishing to experience the traditional atmosphere and hospitality of Denmark hotels, then Hotel Dagmar is perfect for you. Did you know that this hotel was built way back in 1581? This makes it the oldest hotel in the country.

Don’t expect Hotel Dagmar to be a big structure because it has only 50 double sized rooms. Unlike the modern Denmark hotels, this old building is made of bricks and has low ceilings with deep sill windows and sloping floors. The place has been restored but the old features were well maintained to keep its genuine ambience. The hotel’s rooms vary in size and have individual interior design. Authentic paintings of the region also adorn the hotel’s walls.

While staying in Hotel Dagmar, you can explore the nearby surroundings of Denmark’s oldest and charming town of Ribe in the Esbjerg municipality, southwest of Jutland. It is here in this town where you can experience the old side of Denmark country. Situated here are well maintained ancient structures such as the Ribe Cathedral and the oldest town hall.  Andreas Vinding, a well known Danish author and journalis,t once said people visiting Denmark who failed to stay in Hotel Dagmar, explore the Ribe area and have not heard the nearby Cathedral’s chimes missed a great part of the country.

Apart from the hotels, the other most frequently patronized forms of accommodation in Denmark are holiday cottages, camping, youth hostels, marinas and holiday centers. The hotel industry is a major source of revenue for Denmark’s tourism. Its development can be attributed largely to the increasing number of tourists visiting the country every year. Specifically, more than two-thirds of Denmark tourism revenue comes from foreign tourists’ spending.

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